FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

What is a sidecar?
It is a motorcycle fitted with a third wheel and a basket chair to take a third passenger along with the driver and the pillion behind the driver.

Are they safe?
Sidecars are perfectly safe and stable for adults and children alike. The Sidecar you’ll be riding in is built to international safety standards. It has brakes on all three wheels that stop the bike relatively quick. Along with decades of professional riding experience, your pilot has completed many hours training specifically on sidecars and holds a special license for carrying public passengers.

Must I wear a helmet?
Yes, helmets are compulsory in California. We supply all our passengers with very comfortable helmets in various sizes. All our helmets are cleaned and sterilized every day and we can provide an under-helmet cap if desired. You have a choice of either attaching a clear flip-up visor so you can wear your own sunglasses during the ride, or you can go for the more authentic look and wear our googles.

Can I drive the sidecar? 
No, your sidecar pilot has many years experience riding motorcycles and has been specially trained to ride sidecars. Although it may look easy, it’s actually quite challenging and very different from riding a two wheel motorcycle. We prefer you sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

How many people can ride on each bike? 
Sidecars can comfortably carry three people including the rider. One person in the sidecar chair, one person on the pillion seat behind the rider and the rider.

Is there enough room in the sidecar for a big person? 
The sidecars are bigger than you expect. I’ve had people as tall as 7’1” (2.2m) in our sidecars. However, by law, I’m not permitted to carry people who weigh more than 280 lbs (127 kgs). Please note that your rider reserves the right to seat passengers in either pillion or sidecar to more evenly distribute weight.

Can animals travel in the sidecar? 
Yes, we can take small animals in the sidecar. However they need to be securely attached to the sidecar in such a way that they are unable to jump out. All animals must be accompanied by their owner or carer.

Are there age restrictions for a sidecar tour?
There is no specific age specified in the California Vehicle Code regarding when a minor can begin riding as a motorcycle passenger. However, the California laws require that all passengers must have a “seat securely fastened to the machine at the rear of the driver and (be) provided with footrests.” The law continues to state that “every passenger…shall keep his/her feet on the footrests while such vehicle is in motion.”. There is also no legal minimum age to travel in the sidecar. However, we don’t allow children under the age of 5 to travel in the sidecar. We must have a parent or guardian’s consent for all passengers who are 15 years or younger.

What about insurance? Am I covered? 
All my passengers are covered by our personal liability insurance. However, I am unable to insure against any personal items stolen during one of our tours. However, I do assure you that I am highly experienced and the bike is fully maintained to my rigorous standards.

Is there a commentary during the tour?
Yes, your pilot/tour-guide has a unique style. I like to entertain my passengers with stories along the way as share some of the more unusual facts about the area we’re touring through.

Will we have time to stop and take photos? 
Yes, you will have plenty of time to stop and take photos along the way. Our set tours have been planned to allow considerable time off the sidecar so our passengers can choose to sit in a cafe or restaurant, take photos of the scenery or just relax at one of the many beautiful vistas along the way.

What language do your riders speak? 
Generally our tours are spoken in English, however I do know a little “Spanglish” and even a bit of German (sort of)…I’m far from multi-lingual – but great talking with my hands and somehow getting the story conveyed to those who are not comfortable listening to my commentary in English.

Are the set tours also flexible?
All our tours are flexible to an extent. However I have spent many hours carefully putting together a range of tours that highlight the things I love about the area we are touring and combining them into a variety of experiences to suit a wide range of customers. Please note that our rider must be able to drop you back to your drop-off destination by the agreed time.

What type of clothing should I wear?
I prefer not to advise people on fashion. However please consider that you are on a motorcycle so it’s advisable to wear long pants and shoes with closed toes. It’s a good idea to bring a jacket in case the weather changes. Some locations can often cool off in the afternoon and temperatures can drop suddenly.

Will my tour be canceled if there is constant rain?
The weather in California is beautiful for most of year, and rain is usually just a light drizzle. This type of rain will not impede your tour because all our sidecars are fully equipped for any unexpected wet weather including a windscreen, gloves, rain jackets, helmets, goggles, visors and blankets. For further details please see our cancellation policy.

What if it rains during the tour?
In the event of unexpected heavy rain, our riders will find shelter until it passes. If the heavy rain persists and the rider feels it is unsafe to proceed we will arrange a vehicle to pick you up and take you to your drop-off point. For further details please see our cancellation policy.