Acquiring the Taste

Acquiring the Taste – $25.00 – $150.00



This is what I like to call “Ala-Side-Carte” – basically a 10 minute ride (longer if you like it) just to get a “taste” of what it’s like to ride in a Sidecar. Let’s say you’re in Big Bear and you (and a friend if you like want to take a 10-30 minute ride around downtown Big Bear lake, including the Village and Eagle Point – this is your tour! Whatever the ride you decide on, it’s essentially $25.00 dollars for each 10 minute interval. Sometimes I’m in the Mountains, sometimes the Beach, sometimes the Desert – I move around. Be prepared wave at a lot of strangers and end up with and ear to ear grin!

NOTE: These sort of tours require that I happen to be in the general area where the tour is to take place. I tend to post where I’m currently operating, but it’s always best to call me first. If I don’t appear as though I’m going to be in your area – call anyway and let’s talk.


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