Bat Country Tour (High Desert)

Bat Country Tour (High Desert) – $250.00


Take a direct (OFF-ROAD) route through the High desert, where “the Hills Have Eyes” and you’re not likely to see another living soul, to the legendary Slash-X Cafe. There you can get some of the finest food & refreshments for miles in any direction…because there’s nothing else around for miles (but honestly – it’s good stuff!). You’ll see plenty of Joshua Trees, amazing rock formations, abandoned mines and other “ruins” – all make for incredible photo opportunities. Tour takes about 3 hours, starts and ends in the north end of Apple Valley, California…on the edge of the Desert (and yes at one point we’ll be “somewhere around Barstow”).

NOTE: This tour is seasonal – late Fall through Winter. Crossing a remote desert in triple-digit heat in an open-air vehicle is neither adventurous, romantic, or safe…trust me.

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